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Welcome to the home of Third Party Press! We are proud to be the authors and publishers of what we think are the best books available on the K98k service rifle from WW2, and we set this website up to sell our books to the public. In 2006, it was decided to set out to write a complete guide to 1945 production of the Kar98k rifle. This decision was intended only to focus on the last few months of WW2 K98k production. After release of the book "Kriegsmodell" in 2010, there was a clamor from the collecting community for us to write the rest of the story. We renamed the Kriegsmodell book "Volume 3" and set out to write the prequel to this book. Our first book in the series, Volume I, covers production and development up to 1938.

Volume 2 is the technically the last book in this series, and we have been working very hard to get this book done. The book has exceeded our original expectations for content, and has grown to over 900 pages. So much so that we decided to split the volume into 2 separate books to make them more durable and usable by collectors. The books are at the printers RIGHT NOW, and will be ready for sale by September. We plan to do a pre-order of the books just before we have the first deliveries from the printers. This pre-order will be set up to allow original purchasers of the numbered editions to enter their book set number into the system, and we will match the new set to your existing set. The content of this volume will cover the rest of production spanning 1939-1944, including reworks and SS rifles. Below are the books available and in print.

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Karabiner 98k Volume II - 2 book set
Karabiner 98k Volume II - 2 book set
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"Karabiner 98k Volume 2: A collectors guide to the development and production of the German K98k service rifle from 1939 - 1944". Originally, this was intended to be 1 book, but due to the immense amount of information available (over 910 pages), the volume was split into 2 books, which are sold together as a set. The K98k rifle was Germany's principle battle rifle from 1935 until 1945. In those 10 years the K98k rifle left it's mark on the history of the world. This volume details the production and improvements to German Model 98 rifles from 1939 - 1944. The book includes detailed production analysis using factory documents whenever possible, including over 200 pages on Mauser Oberndorf alone. Also covered are the rest of the makers of the K98k rifle during WW2, including Sauer, Steyr, Waffenwerke BrĂ¼nn AG, Erma, Mauser Borsigwalde, Gustloff-Werke, and Mauser Borsigwalde. Also covered in detail are reworks and rifles of the SS. Hardcover, 913 pages total, Vol.2a 435 pages, Vol.2b 478 pages.

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